Solvent Extraction Plant

Solvent extraction plant

Solvent extraction as the name describes is “extraction of oil” from seeds, cakes or oil bearing material by using a Solvent. Normally Hexane a petroleum by-product is used as a solvent.

Solvent extraction is carried out regularly in the laboratory by the chemists as a common purification procedure in organic synthesis. In analytical separations certain solvents preferentially remove one or more constituents from a solution quantitatively. Batch extractions of this sort, on a small scale, are usually done by separator funnels, where the mechanical agitation is supplied by handshaking of the funnel.

A technique, also called liquid extraction, for separating the components of a liquid solution. This technique depends upon the selective dissolving of one or more constituents of the solution into a suitable immiscible liquid solvent. It is particularly useful industrially for separation of the constituents of a mixture according to chemical type, especially when methods that depend upon different physical properties, such as the separation by distillation of substances of different vapor pressures, either fail entirely or become too expensive.

Industrial plants using solvent extraction require equipment for carrying out the extraction itself (extractor) and for essentially complete recovery of the solvent for reuse, usually by distillation.

The plant is designed to extract oil directly from oil seeds containing less than 20% oil like soybean after flaking or it extracts oils from pre-pressed or fully pressed cake of seeds containing more than 20% oil like sunflower, peanuts, cotton seed, palm kernel, canola, copra, castor and variety of other materials.

Mitsun’s Solvent extraction plants have been operating globally for more than a decade. Mitsun has delivered a proven design for solvent extraction plant which is simple to operate, robust in working and operator friendly and flexible for easy change-over of the process material and with inbuilt safety features.

The solvent extractor is horizontal in construction. The solvent extractor works on counter current, moving bed principle with variable bed height and variable speed mechanism which permits excellent penetration and percolation of the solvent for absolute extraction. The adjustable speed of extractor conveyor ensures lowest maintenance. Distillation takes place under vacuum and the de-solvented the material is recovered from the vent air stripping system.

Solvent extraction plant is used for extracting oil from seed or cake. For soya bean seed it is widely use in all over the world, for that seed preparation and seed cleaning system is requires.
Mitsun Oil cakes consists about 6 to 8% of oil that is received from oil Mill and seeds are contains from 18% to 28% of the oil in the seeds
Mitsun For seeds cleaning and flaking is requires and cake is in big pieces fo it requires to make in small pieces through cracker and barker as a form of pieces in the sizes of 3mm to 5mm
Mitsun If there is seeds it passes through conditioning and flaking, for cake feed it in pieces
Mitsun The prepared material then fed into Solvent Extraction Plant through conveyor

Solvent Extraction Process

Solvent Extraction Process has following stages

Mitsun Rotary Valve and feeding chain
Mitsun Extraction of oil from seeds/cake in extractor
Mitsun Distillation/Evaporation of Hexane to recover Oil from miscella
Mitsun De solvent of Extracted Meal
Mitsun Condensation of Hexane and prepare for recycling
Mitsun Solvent absorption system
The solvent oil is not for human consumption so it will send to refinery for refining of oil and removing of all impurities. The cake is called de oiled cake then passes through cooling system and sends for packaging

Features of solvent extraction plants

Mitsun Because of Solvent requires fire hydrant and safety system
Mitsun Low flow resistance
Mitsun Very durable
Mitsun Cost effective
Mitsun Require low maintenance but requires continue watch
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