Oilseeds Groundnut

Oilseeds Groundnut

Oil Seeds

Mitsun is one of the most renowned manufacturers and exporters of Oil Seeds all over the globe. These are widely acknowledged owing to their purity, high nutrient value and long shelf life. These are quality tested on well-defined parameters to offer flawless range. We offer a wide range which includes Groundnuts, Mustard Seeds, Sesame Seed and Soybean These oilseeds are widely used for vegetable oil production and contribute to 85% meal production for human beings.

Groundnut Oil Seeds

Mitsun is We are one of the reputed manufacturers and exporters of Groundnuts. Groundnuts are also known as Peanuts all over the world. Groundnut is an important oilseed crop suitable for cultivation in the tropical areas of the world. Groundnut is actually believed to be a native of South America and is scientifically known as Arachis Hypogaea L., an underground legume, derived from Greek. Unique feature of this plant is its quick adaptability to a wide variety of climatic conditions.

Groundnut is one of the best and most sought chief source of vegetable oils extensively used for cooking purposes all over the world. It is delicious edible oil and a delicious nut too. Groundnut seeds are rich source of edible oil as well as protein. The oil content of the seed varies from 44% to 50% depending on the variety whereas the protein content would be about 25% to 28%.

About two thirds of world production is crushed for oil and the remaining one third is consumed as nuts. It is a very nutritious food for the growing children and pregnant women if taken in right quantity. Groundnut seeds are rich in proteins and vitamins A and B. Pods of groundnuts are decorticated and boiled and are used as meal supplement. Being one of the prominent oilseeds of India, it accounts for 25% of oilseed production in India. The production of groundnuts varies depending on rainfall deviation around the years.

India is the home for diversity of oilseeds, which play a very important role in agriculture. It goes without saying that various edible oils form an inevitable component in the preparation of food stuffs and the usefulness of including oils in our dietaries does not warrant any special mention. Seeds like groundnut are directly consumed while in respect of others, oil is extracted and used in food preparations.

Use of Groundnuts

  • Groundnuts are used as for Oil Extraction as Groundnut Seeds are rich source of edible oil.
  • Groundnut Seeds are considered as cold feeling repellent as it has high Calorific value and is assumed to be warm and can be used as meal supplement for circulation of blood.
  • Proves to be quality fodder.
  • Oil cakes and plant residues have varied uses like cattle feed, soil amendments, pest control and used as manures.
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