Huller and Shaker Exporter

Huller and Shaker(Decordicator)

Huller and Shaker
For Cleaner decortications with absolute minimum of oil absorbed in hulls. Shaker separator provides efficient separation of meats and hulls

The huller removes the tough seed coat with a series of knives and shakers. The knives cut the hulls (tough outer shell of the seed) to loosen them form the kernels (the inside meant of the seed, rich in oil) and shaker separate the hulls and kernels. The kernels are ready for oil extraction and the hulls are sent to storage to be sold for livestock feed.

The latest desing desingated as the "Central Concave Model " embodies changes per feeting the Following features
  • Minimum Oil Absorption
  • Simplicity of adjustment
  • Maximum safety of operation
  • Low repair costs
The Cyclinder is carried in extra heavy ball bearing boxes located outside the body of the machine. The cyclinder is dynamically balanced to run free form vibration. The perfection huller knife is rectangular in section . By revesing the knife and turning it over at intervals all four edges can be used for cuttings.

The Combination of MITSUN Perfection Huller wil reduce abssorption loss to a minimum. This is due to the clean cutting action of the huller and the efficient seperation of meants and hulls by the shaker or in hull beater
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