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Mitsun Engineering designed the modern equipments for selection of right equipment at right place

In seed cleaning section every seed has different physical and chemical property, accordingly the machinery of seed cleaning plant are selected. The selection of each equipment is very important every seed has different type of sizes and structure, accordingly equipment are designed and select. Every step is co relates with other equipment when the cleaning of seeds are in continue process. We change design of equipment accordingly, Mitsun engineering continuous in research to improve the equipment quality and made as per requirements.

Oil milling section selection of Expellers and Necessary equipments is very important. Some seeds are requires to Steaming , Every seeds has own oil content accordingly pressure worm are sets in expeller, the cake sizing equipment is requires as per market valuation where cake suppliers get maximum benefitted, we made oil milling design and choosing equipment user friendly to operate easily and run with minimum losses and minimum down time.

Edible oil refinery is very important part of the Oil Industries where all impurities like free fatty acids removes in neutralization section, bleaching process removes the color and de odorize removes the smell of oil. To get refined oil expeller or solvent oil has requires to pass through so many process, Mitsun Engineering help to make design and perfect selection of equipments for refinery resultant to reduce processing cost and getting high yield with easy operations.

In Solvent Extraction Plant seed/Cake preparatory section is very important before transferring materials in solvent extractor, Mitsun Engineering Designee the preparatory section accordingly requirements of extractors. In Main plant also we designed each equipments like Heat Exchangers, Solvent recovery Systems, Solvab System, De toaster as per necessity and give better result with minimizing in hexane losses and saving in energy like electrical and steam resultant in reduce processing cost
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